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Registration - $20
Classical Dance and Music - Kids: $60; Adults: $80 (flat fees for the month)
Painting - $100 for the month
Bollywood dance /folk dance is session based
Family and sibling discount - 10%
Referral - 10% off the first month

Yoga Fees:

Monthly Yoga (Unlimited Class Pass): $88
Monthly Yoga (Limited to '3 classes a week’ Class Pass): $78
Monthly Yoga for couples (Unlimited Class Pass): $156 = $78*2 (applicable if couples join together)
Monthly Yoga for couples (Limited to '3 classes a week' Class Pass): $136 = $68*2 (applicable if couples join together)
Per class rate: $10 (for yogis who want to pay per class)
Beginner’s Course (3 hour course done in 3 classes): $15

Notes for Yoga Fees:

  • Monthly plans are for 30 days from date of joining
  • Inaugural Discount of $10 for first-timers (applicable only for first month of joining)
  • Inaugural discount of $10 is not applicable for monthly yoga-couples as yoga prices for couples are already discounted.
  • The Beginner’s course includes yoga fundamentals, step by step introduction, demonstration of basic postures, breathing awareness, theory, yoga philosophy, benefits, and practice of Sivananda yoga class. Beginner’s course once every 2 months.


One time registration fee: $20.00
1. Classes are ongoing and billed on a per month basis
2. Students enrolled in two or more classes are eligible for a 10% discount
3. 10% family discount for two or more members of the immediate family
4. Please pay your tuition fee on the first class of each month. New students are eligible for pro-rated monthly fees
5. 24-hour notification must be received for a make-up class to be granted. Make-up class could be taken within two weeks following the missed class date. (applies to Painting classes only)
6. There will be no refunds for missed classes. Missed classes cannot be deducted from tuition or prorated for the next month's tuition.
7. If the instructor is unable to attend class, students will be notified and a make-up class will be rescheduled within one month or prorated to the next month.
9. Netra reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any one when deemed appropriate by any member of the staff. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Students who do not comply will not be allowed to continue classes and any remaining tuition will be forfeited.

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