Deepa Menon - Artistic director/ Principle instructor: Deepa is the principal instructor at Netra as she has been trained in all the three forms of Indian Classical dance i.e Kuchipudi, Bharathanatyam and Mohiniattam. Deepa is also an accomplished painter and is working on a Master's degree in Figurative painting from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Deepa has performed widely and is acclaimed as an excellent artist. She is known for her Lec-dem performances, her Abhinaya and scintillating footwork. Deepa started Netra in 2009 to promote dance and all related arts.

Hema Gursahani: Bharathanatyam Assistant Instructor

Bindu Mahadev: Kuchipudi Assistant Instructor

Ankita Tomar: Yoga Instructor. Ankita was the Founder of "Love Thyself Centre of Learning", a Yoga and Dance Studio, in Gurgaon, India. Ankita has taught over 2500 yoga classes at the centre and another 1000 classes involving individuals, groups and organizations outside the centre. Ankita is not only experienced and but also passionate about Yoga and she sees Yoga as a way of life!

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